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Malibu Ocean Front Residence – Los Angeles County, California

The City of Malibu is famous for its Surfrider Beach and the exclusive Malibu Colony beachfront neighborhood. Malibu is an environmentally sensitive area of beaches, coastal mountains, and steep canyons with high wildfire risk.

The Malibu Municipal Code establishes strict stormwater management and urban runoff discharge standards for development and construction. Environmental and regulatory requirements present stormwater management challenges for developers, engineers and builders.

This oceanfront residential lot on a high bluff overlooking the Pacific was redeveloped by removing an outdated house to construct a larger modern residence. The substantial building footprint and hardscape created a tight difficult challenge to locate and install the water treatment system and water storage chamber required by the stormwater management plan.

The Challenge

Malibu stormwater management requirements to meet NPDES standards dictated that rainwater from the roof and hardscape be treated and stored to prevent run off water from cascading over the bluff and flowing across the beach and into the ocean.The sub soil on the steep bluff had to be protected from water infiltration and erosion to stabilize the lot and prevent landslides from the cliff face onto the beach.

The Solution

The project architect and the civil engineer collaborated on a stormwater management system for the property that passed the collected rainwater through a water treatment system to remove pollutants and then stored it in a RainSpace Storage Chamber.

The RainSpace Chamber was selected for its versatility and ease of installation in a tight area with limited access near the edge of the bluff. The Chamber was also designed to pump the stored water to use for landscape irrigation and fire suppression in this area known for destructive brushfires.

The Result

The Storage Chamber prevents the treated stormwater from running off the property and cascading over the cliff onto the beach and into the ocean. The stored water will be pumped out to irrigate the landscape.  The prolonged drought in California threatens homeowners with water restrictions for non-essential uses. This stormwater storage system can ensure water availability to preserve landscape and fight fires.

The most cost-effective approach for your residential stormwater management and storage needs

Many residential situations require similar applications for water availability, stormwater management and control, fire suppression and drought protection. Unique in the complexity of its site and regulatory requirements this oceanfront project is among many types of residential sites using the RainSpace Water Storage Chamber solution.  It is easily and quickly installed on challenging sites that are tight or have restricted access. Designed in collaboration with engineers, owners and architects, the RainSpace Chamber is the most cost-effective approach for meeting stormwater management and storage requirements.  Send us an email for an evaluation of our system for your particular needs.