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RainSpace Stormwater Storage Installation - Commercial Project
RainSpace™ Stormwater Storage Installation – Commercial Project

RainSpace™ Stormwater Management and Water Storage Chambers

Best Management Practices for Stormwater Detention, Retention and Rainwater Harvesting

RainSpace™ is a Stormwater Management and Water Storage Chamber system for containing large quantities of water underground. Stormwater Retention or Detention underground is easy and cost efficient. RainSpace is a modular system made of lightweight components that are easily transported and quickly installed on the site without assembly, cranes or heavy equipment. Conventional water tanks are expensive, cumbersome, heavy and difficult to handle. RainSpace Chambers are easily and quickly installed with less labor and equipment. They are the most cost effective means of retaining, detaining or storing water underground.

Commercial and Institutional Detention and Retention for Stormwater Management

RainSpace underground Stormwater Management and Water Storage Chambers are used to meet low impact development requirements (LID), stormwater Best Management Practices (BMPs) and National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) requirements for stormwater retention or detention. RainSpace Chambers are used for stormwater infiltration, run-off management and flow control, and short or long term water storage in rainwater harvesting systems. They are sized and shaped for any site, in any capacity, and any surface load requirements including heavy truck traffic. They are used at schools, colleges, churches and commercial centers as Best Management Practices and to meet the site’s LID and NPDES requirements.

Residential Rainwater Harvesting and Water Storage

RainSpace Underground Water Storage Tanks are the optimum way for Rainwater Harvesting systems to store quality water for later use. Homeowners use RainSpace underground water storage tanks to meet local low impact development requirements and on-site stormwater management. Rainwater Harvesting with underground water storage tanks provides quality water to relieve drought shortages, increase water availability from wells and local sources and provide water free from usage restrictions. Rainwater harvesting water storage tanks with RainSpace Chambers stores large quantities of water underground for irrigation, potable use and fire protection.

Lowest-Cost Stormwater Management and Water Storage Solution – Simple, Fast Installation

RainSpace Stormwater Management Chambers for Detention, Retention and water storage are the lowest cost way to meet stormwater management requirements and rainwater harvesting needs. Any commercial, residential, industrial or institutional project gets superior storm water management at the lowest cost with underground RainSpace Stormwater Management Chambers. Installation is simple and fast without heavy equipment.

Maximize valuable useful land area and improve the esthetic appearance of any project. Best Management Practices with RainSpace Chambers reduces the surface area of bioswales or wetlands used for storm water management allowing more intensive land occupancy while satisfying low impact development requirements.

Parking lots, driveways, school yards, athletic fields, hillsides.

Superior in Every Value Engineering Comparison
Smallest Footprint – Fastest Installation – Least Labor – Lowest Cost

Last Modified: December 10, 2018