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Drips of water overlaying permeable, Patented Structural Core Tube BundlesPatented Structural Core Tubes

About Rain Tech

Stormwater Detention, Retention and Storage

  • We offer the lowest cost method of Underground Stormwater Detention, Retention and Storage for Rainwater Harvesting.
  • We work closely with engineers, contractors and property owners to provide the best solution for Low Impact Development, Best Management Practices and NPDES permit requirements.

RainSpace™ Chambers

  • The rock-less, patented RainSpace Chambers are more cost-effective and site efficient than any other method or product for underground stormwater detention, retention or storage.
  • RainSpace Chambers preserve valuable surface area, increase the capacity of BMPs and NPDES systems and reduce initial cost and ongoing maintenance expense.

Superior in Every Value Engineering Comparison

  • RainSpace Chambers are superior in every value engineering comparison.  They are the lowest cost of materials, excavation, labor and equipment than any other underground stormwater management system.

Versatility For Any Site and Any Load

  • Used under parking lots, fire lanes, heavy truck loads, sports fields, plazas, driveways and landscapes.
  • The optimal underground stormwater detention, retention or storage solutions for schools, universities, hospitals, municipal and military facilities, wineries and resorts, shopping centers, industrial plants and residences.
  • Used on sloping sites and irregular and very tight sites.

Complete Packages – Easily Installed

RainSpace chambers are shipped to the site, ready for installation. No assembly is required. Installation is fast and easy. Core structural tubing is easily handled without heavy equipment.

How We Work

Send us an email at Info@RainTechH2o.com or call at (541) 415-4745 to discuss your project or submit a Web form.

Already have plans drawn up? We will review them and show how RainSpace chambers are the best economic solution. No plans yet? We will discuss your needs work with you to finalize the plans. When it is time to install, we will deliver to the site on schedule.

Browse our website and look at the representative projects for the scope of RainSpace chamber solutions for stormwater detention, retention and rainwater harvesting storage.