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RainSpace™ Residential Water Storage Underground Water Tank Installation
RainSpace Residential Water Storage Underground Water Tank Installation

Residential Rainwater Harvesting

RainSpace Residential Water Storage Chambers Underground Water Storage Tanks

Homeowners use rainwater harvesting and underground water storage tanks to capture and store rainwater to protect against drought and water usage restrictions, become water independent or avoid shortages from low flow wells. Rainwater Harvesting captures water for longer term storage and use for irrigation, fire protection and potable uses and grey water systems. Rainwater harvesting also helps comply with local low impact development and stormwater management requirements when building or remodeling residential property. Storing water underground provides higher quality water than storing it in above ground tanks. Water stored underground has a more constant temperature and is cleaner than water stored above ground in tanks subject to contamination from temperature fluctuations and environmental exposure. RainSpace Chambers are the lowest total cost water storage method for containing large quantities of water underground. Plastic or fiberglass water tanks or concrete water storage cisterns are expensive to buy, cumbersome, heavy, difficult to handle and expensive to install. Plastic and fiberglass tanks also require expensive concrete ballast systems or must remain partially full to avoid rising out of the ground; which means that the tank must be substantially larger than the desired storage capacity, increasing and installation cost.

Any Capacity – Water When You Need It

RainSpace underground water storage tanks for rainwater harvesting can hold any quantity of water—from 3,000 gallons to millions of gallons — designed to fit your needs and your property. The capacity is limited only by the space and depth available on the site, consistent with your property’s ability to collect and use rainwater.

Large Capacity – Water When You Need It

RainSpace for rainwater harvesting is designed to hold large quantities of water—from 3,000 gallons to virtually any capacity desired —and is designed to fit your needs and your property. The total volume is limited only by the space and depth available on the site, consistent with your property’s capacity to collect and use rainwater.

Site Flexible

The RainSpace Rainwater Harvesting Underground Storage Chamber can take virtually any shape—long and narrow, square or curved. This allows RainSpace to provide water capacity in places where expensive tanks or cisterns will not work – narrow sites, around landscape or trees, under driveways or roadways or on slopes.

Strong and Earthquake Proof

The patented Structural Core Tube Bundles create the underground void space of RainSpace Water Storage Tanks with 97% efficiency. Additional ballasting is not needed and the Tank does not have to be over-sized to be kept partially filled like fiberglass and plastic tanks do. When installed and enclosed the chamber is very strong and with appropriate top cover design the chamber can be used beneath driveways and parking areas with cars and trucks.

RainSpace Water Storage Tanks have no vertical load bearing components so nothing can get misaligned and collapse due to earthquakes, soil subsidence or traffic vibration. All loads are spread throughout the horizontal masses of Structural Core Tube Bundles. The Tanks flex and bend with earth movement and water is held within the Structural Core Tube Bundles to prevent the heavy mass of water from moving and sloshing and hammering the sides during an earthquake. Water Storage Tank liners stretch and re-conform to any soil subsidence while the Tank retains its surface load bearing capability.

Easy Installation

RainSpace Underground Water Storage Tank is a modular system made of lightweight components that are easily transported and quickly installed on the site without cranes or large equipment. Installation is easy – it is a do-it-yourself project if you wish, or quickly done by an excavation or landscape contractor. The excavation is dug to the dimensions and depth required for your site’s water storage needs. It is lined with a cushioning filter fabric and a heavy duty commercial impermeable liner and is filled with the patented lightweight core structural tube bundles. The top is sealed, the top cover dirt is filled in and it is ready for rainwater harvesting and water storage. Once the hole is dug, it typically takes one day or less for the installation, depending upon size. It is quick and easy.

Rainwater Harvesting Water Storage Package

RainSpace Rainwater Harvesting Water Storage Tanks are delivered to your site as a complete package ready to be installed in your excavation. This includes the Patented Structural Core Tube Bundles and the heavy duty impermeable water containment liners and sealer with detailed installation guidelines for your site. Each water storage tank is designed and fabricated in collaboration with the homeowner to optimize the water storage capacity consistent with your site’s water capture potential, usage requirements and budget. We work with you from your initial inquiry through the design process and your installation to ensure that your rainwater harvesting goals are met. We make it simple and easy and inexpensive for you to have useful water stored at your home.

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