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Commercial RainSpace stormwater management chamber installation, Brian Arden Winery 



Commercial RainSpace™ Stormwater Management Chamber Installation, Brian Arden Winery, Napa Valley, CA

Brian Arden Winery in the Napa Valley, California town of Calistoga constructed a new facility for the production of high quality wines. The civil engineers for the project selected a large scale RainSpace Stormwater Detention and Rainwater Harvesting Water Storage system consisting of large high capacity multiple underground inter-connected RainSpace chambers. Placing the system under the parking lot increased the utility of the site and preserved the esthetics. The parking lot bears heavy truck loads from wine shipments and high volume customer car traffic and parking. This RainSpace System provides both stormwater detention for infiltration into the subsoil and water storage from rainwater harvesting that is used for on-site irrigation.

Brian Arden Winery Project Images