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RainSpace™ Commercial Stormwater Management Chamber Installation
RainSpace Commercial Stormwater Management Chamber Installation

Commercial and Institutional Stormwater Management

Lowest Total Cost Stormwater Management

The total installed cost of a RainSpace™ Stormwater Management Chamber stormwater management system is substantially less than any other underground system. Installed in a fraction of the time for reduced labor hours, RainSpace Stormwater Management Chambers are more cost-effective than any other Stormwater Management system for detention, retention, flow control or water storage. Minimum footprint, no rock drain fields.

Stormwater Management – Detention, Retention and Water Storage

RainSpace Stormwater Management Chambers are configured according to your requirements for temporary detention and infiltration, longer-term retention or storage and flow control.

Any Capacity – Any Site

RainSpace Stormwater Management Chambers are available in any capacity, any size and depth to meet the site’s requirements and space limitations. Use under driveways, parking lots, sports fields and yards. Best Management Practices for stormwater management are cost effective with RainSpace Chambers. Reduce the footprint and increase the capacity of expensive bioswales and wetlands.

Save Valuable, Useful Land

Underground RainSpace Stormwater Management Chambers save valuable useful land area and preserve site esthetics. RainSpace Chambers reduce the surface area devoted to bioswales or wetlands when these Best Management Practices are included in a Stormwater Management design.

Under Any Kind of Surface

RainSpace Stormwater Management Chamber installation specifications are set according to the surface use over the Chamber — a field, playground, roadway, driveway, parking lot, unpaved or paved with asphalt, concrete or pervious pavers. All loads are spread throughout the horizontal mass of Patented Structural Core Tube Bundles. Surface uses with vehicle loads of H-20 and H-25 are common over RainSpace Chambers.

Fast, Easy Installation

Installation is fast and simple. All components are lightweight and easily handled. No heavy equipment is needed. Soils and surface use permitting, no imported rock or sand is required for fill.

Earthquake Proof – Nothing to Collapse

RainSpace Stormwater Management Chambers have no vertical load bearing components so nothing can get mis-aligned and collapse due to earthquakes, soil subsidence, or traffic vibration. All loads are spread throughout the horizontal masses of the Patented Structural Core Tube Bundles. Water is held within the core tube bundles to prevent high mass water movement and hammering of the excavation during earthquake shaking.

Sustainable and Eco-Friendly – LEED® Credits

RainSpace Stormwater Management Chamber structural cores are made in the USA from recyclable material. Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) credits for sustainability, function, innovation.

Superior in Every Value Engineering Comparison
Smallest Footprint – Fastest Installation – Least Labor – Lowest Cost

Last Modified: December 10, 2018