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RainSpace™ Commercial Stormwater Management Chamber Installation RainSpace Commercial Stormwater Detention Chamber Installation in shopping center rebuild 

Large Scale Stormwater Detention, Retention and Storage

Lowest Total Cost 

  • The installed cost is substantially less than any other underground detention, retention or storage.
  • Lowest cost, smallest footprint, reduced labor, rockless and 97% efficient.  

Stormwater Detention, Retention and Water Storage in Any Capacity – Any Site

  • Available in any capacity, any size and depth to meet site requirements and space limitations.
  • Used under parking lots, driveways, sports fields, fire lanes and landscapes.  
  • Used under BMPs to increase treatment capacity of bioswales.

Saves Valuable, Useful Land

  • Saves valuable useful land area and preserve site esthetics.
  • Reduces the surface area devoted to bioswales or wetlands.

Under Any Kind of Surface Load

  • Retention and Detention Chamber installation specifications allow any kind of surface use — parking lot, driveway or road, fire lane, field or playground.
  • RainSpace Chambers support fire lanes and vehicle load ratings of H-20 and H-25.

Fast, Easy Installation

  • Installation is fast and simple. All components are lightweight and easily handled. No heavy equipment is needed.  Rockless.

Earthquake Proof – Nothing to Collapse

  • No vertical load bearing components. Nothing can get mis-aligned and collapse due to earthquakes, soil subsidence, or traffic vibration.
  • Water held within the core tubes prevents high mass water movement and hammering of the excavation during earthquakes.

Sustainable and Eco-Friendly – LEED® Credits

Superior in Every Value Engineering Comparison
Lowest Cost – Fastest Installation – Least Labor – Smallest Footprint